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Malaysia does not belong to the few – Susan Loo

heeeeloooo peeps ! How are you today ? Its a bright and shiny Monday morning and of course, the traffic jams are back to haunt us now that schools have opened. Lucky for me I live far from the city so I don’t have to worry about these jams and the stress the people have in going and getting back from work.

How is everyone really ? I miss you a lot. You know, while I browse through the KO twitter, I can see that so many school kids are now using Twitter and it has really helped improve the English level of our Form 4 and Form 5 kids. Its wonderful to see. You know, even my people who are from regular Chinese schools now are also communicating, and of course arguing on Twitter. When is live normal when we don’t argue with ourselves.

Thus coming back to the topic I have today. Malaysia seems to belong to a few people who seem detriment to force everybody else into doing their bidding. And whats worse, these few people actually feel that the majority of the people LOVE them so much that they would do anything for them. Its quite a joke actually when you see how some leaders go around bossing everybody, telling them that they are the JENTERA and they are the WORKERS so that means that they have to listen to everything they say. Hey ! This ain’t the army my friend. If you wanted to be a General, JOIN THE ARMY. If you want to lead the people, JOIN AN NGO.

I see this trend becoming worse both in Barisan Nasional and Pakatan. Each having their own agenda to rid the other from the planet, and both having the same pace in getting their people to follow their plans just like nice mouse next to the drain following the Pied Piper. Life isn’t that simple. Leading is that normal. Even the head of the youth movement in the political party found that out when they boo’d and tried to dislodge him from PWTC in the last UMNO elections. He finally found out that it is not easy to please 100% of the people, and if you got the majority, you have won the battle but not the war.

Before 2008 when Tun Pak Lah was in power, the leaders of the component parties were so stuck up, snobbish and throwing people in jail under the ISA like nobody’s business. They thought that by bullying the people, they would kow tow and listen to the ten commandments given by the leadership, little did he know that in 2008 he would have nearly lost the country, and in 2009 forced out of his own party. But this is politics and there is no way things are going to change. If there was, it would have changed in 2008 and not waited till the last minute in 2012 to try to be an ANGEL when we all know you are the DEVIL.

Malaysia does not belong to the few. Not to BN and not to Pakatan. Malaysia belongs to the people, and the people choose who should lead them. The leaders that have not performed should be given the boot and new young vibrant and hot leaders should be given ample space and time to grow to become the leaders of tommorrow. Corruption needs to be eradicated, I am in total agreement with my Muslim friends, HUDUD is important and should be implemented. That will scare the living daylights out of anyone who even thinks of being corrupt. Chop off your bxxxx !

So peeeeps. The choice is yours. Time is getting shorter. You have the choice to either let things be and bygones be bygones, or use your God given right to vote to ensure the past doesn’t catch up with us, and the present gives us hope for a future.

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